How to Maintain Your HVAC System Vacuum Pumps

Pro-Set is a CPS Products brand with the product line breadth and depth to suit just about any HVAC/R job or fit any job site an HVAC technician might have. One of the most popular lines of product this brand features is the Vacuum Pumps. These are offered in a variety of single and dual-stage models with numerous voltage, horsepower, and free air displacement (CFM) options.

The vacuum pumps effectively remove moisture and non-condensable contaminants from HVAC systems. These contaminants in the process of been removed, become trapped in the pump’s oil reservoir, which leads to malfunctioning and bad performance of the machine. For this reason, the need for frequent changes in the oil of your vacuum pumps is essential to maintain your HVAC systems.

The vacuum pump oil acts as a lubricant, coolant, and sealant for a pump. Just like in a car, its regular change is necessary and ensures optimal performance and a long time of operation of the machine.

Changing the oil of the pump is a fairly simple process any technician can do. These are the steps to guide you through it:

  1. Connect a Digital Vacuum Gauge to the suction port.
  2. Turn on the vacuum pump and vacuum gauge, and allow the oil to heat (cool oil allows moisture and contaminants to separate from the oil and remain in the pump).
  3. Record the lowest measurement reading on the vacuum gauge.
  4. Once the pump is sufficiently heated, turn it Off.
  5. Position the oil drain above a suitable collection container and remove the drain plug.
  6. Allow all the oil to drain from the pump.
  7. Clean and replace the oil drain plug.
  8. Select a premium vacuum pump oil and fill it to marked MAX level on sight glass. (VPOP is a CPS Pro-Set vacuum pump oil that contains special lubricity and friction modifiers for better performance, protection, and pump longevity )
  9. Replace oil fill cap.
  10. Turn on the vacuum pump and the digital vacuum gauge. You will notice the improvement in performance and low vacuum readings.

Taking proper care of your pump guarantees a long life of the product, and an excellent performance, not for nothing Pro-Set is called “The Workingman’s Choice”.