SKUCFMStageMotor SizeVoltageUltimate VacuumDimensions (Inches)WeightOil Capacity
VPC2DU2 CFM Compact21/4 HP 115V @ 60 Hz15 Microns11.3˝ x 4.5˝ x 8.0˝ 12.1 lb (5.5 kg)9 oz (250 ml)
VPC4SU4 CFM Compact11/4 HP 115V @ 60 Hz100 Microns11.3˝ x 4.5˝ x 8.0˝11.0 lb (5 kg)10 oz (300 ml)
VP6D 6 CFM21/2 HP 110-120V Or 220-240V @ 50/60Hz10 Microns12.2” x 5” x 9.6”22.5 lb (10.2 kg)16 oz (470 ml)
VP6S6 CFM11/2 HP 110-120V Or 220-240V @ 50/60Hz50 Microns13.1˝ x 5.5˝ x 10˝18.3 lb (8.3 kg)19 oz (540 ml)
VP10D10 CFM23/4 HP 110-120V Or 220-240V @ 50/60Hz25 Microns14.9” x 5.7” x 10.6”30.3 lb (13.7 kg)28 oz (830 ml)
VP12D12 CFM21 HP 110-120V Or 220-240V @ 50/60Hz25 Microns14.9” x 5.7” x 10.6”30.9 lb (14.0 kg)27 oz (800 ml)

Vacuum Pumps

Pro-Set® vacuum pumps are your premium solution for obtaining the deepest ultimate vacuum and provide the greatest range of horsepower and free air displacement.

VP12D | Pro-Set® 12 CFM Vacuum Pump


VP6D | Pro-Set® 6 CFM Vacuum Pump

Pro-Set Premium Series Vacuum Pump 6 CFM Two-Stage, Dual Voltage

Vacuum Pump Kits

Vacuum Pump Oil

Extremely high quality, severely hydro-treated vacuum pump oil compatible for use in pumps made by most manufacturers. It is strongly recommended that the vacuum pump oil be changed after each use to improve service and the life of the pump.