Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detection


An unnoticed escape can cause serious damage to a property or business. Find HVACR tools, including electronic refrigerant, ultraviolet, smoke, and combustible leak identification systems on CPS Products.

The manual-select Leak-Seeker® I and fully automatic Leak-Seeker® II, featuring our patented E_MOS®  detection technology are the most sensitive, stable, reliable and accurate detection products, with the longest sensor life on the market today.

Ultraviolet Leak Detection

Smoke Leak Diagnostic

Simply The Fastest, Most Effective and Accurate Method For Low Pressure Leak Detection!

EZSmoke allows a technician to use low pressure, non-toxic smoke, with a pleasant lemon scent and UV dye, to quickly locate annoying sewer gas escape that are often difficult and time consuming to find in cuts, cracks, fractures, punctures, porosity or unsealed fittings inside or outside residential or commercial buildings.

EZSmoke uses patented technology to send non-toxic smoke containing a trace dye (UltraTrace UV) through the air that is contained within pipes, wall cavities, or other forms of enclosed spaces. Any visible smoke immediately provides an indication of a large escape.

See the Smoke, You Found the Leak!

With EZsmoke® it’s that simple.

As a contractor, you know how big a pain in the neck troubleshooting waste system and sewer gas leaks can be.  Invisible and hard to find, they waste time and make work and living spaces unhealthy and unusable.  Old methods of finding them are hit or miss at best, often requiring work after hours or on weekends.

But not anymore!

Three Great Ways to find leaks;
Behind Walls, Under Cabinets, and Hard to Reach Places.

With EZsmoke visible vapor technology you now have one tool that offers you three ways to locate leaks; during regular business hours – with only one technician. EZsmoke locates leaks behind walls, under cabinets and in hard to reach places of all kinds.  EZsmoke’s patented non-toxic visible vapor – or smoke – technology offers one of the simplest, most reliable methods for tracking down and locating leaks ever created.  With EZsmoke you find leaks with smoke, dye, or citrus scent.

Find All Kinds of Leaks, During Regular Hours, with One Person.

EZsmoke lets you test anytime, anywhere. The wireless remote control makes it easier than ever to operate. Whether in a home, business, multi-story commercial building, restaurant, school, or shopping mall, EZsmoke makes finding cuts, cracks, fractures, punctures, porosity or unsealed fitting leaks fast, safe and easy…      And more profitable!

Citrus Scented Smoke & UV Dye Make Finding Leaks Faster,

Finding Them More Reliable.

EZsmoke’s citrus-scented smoke and UV dye make finding leaks, large and small, more foolproof, and easier than you ever imagined.   Giving you three convenient ways to find leaks; smoke, dye & citrus scent.

Combustible Leak Diagnostic